All Roads Lead to Mitla

“Necessita fumar," I tell my kidnapper. I don’t even know if I am saying it right or making sense, but figure he will understand as soon as I fish a Marlborough Light out of my daypack and light it up. He nods and motions for me to open a window. I can’t tell you his … Continue reading All Roads Lead to Mitla


The Silver Dollar Pancakes

It was them pancakes, that did him in. It's true he was under stress, we all were. But that old rat bastard of a manager wouldn't listen and put 'em on the menu anyway. This place was filled with celebrities from all over the world back in the heyday. It's peeling at the edges now, … Continue reading The Silver Dollar Pancakes

A Broken Pot of Mayonnaise

“Come to Sisal.” I insisted. “You’ll see real Mexico there and it will be way cooler,” I promised. I have never been to Sisal, and the students that had gone the previous year had not filled me in on the place. But I assumed that if Woolman Hill was going, it had to be fantastic.

JJ and the Mad Hypnotist

Her voice floated down the hallway of the expensive high rise apartments. “You’re being very cruel, JJ. Very cruel." I push the elevator call button frantically as if she is going to come chasing me down the plushly carpeted corridor with what? Her dentures? That crazy old bat's voice continues to taunt me as I … Continue reading JJ and the Mad Hypnotist