Lessons: Sugar part 4

The man who didn't exist sat in a chair with a bag of pistachio nuts he was cracking open. "You'll be taking your lessons this way from now on. The things I teach you will only be remembered consciously in bits and snatches from your dreams." "So I won't be hurt anymore?" Michael asked. "No." The … Continue reading Lessons: Sugar part 4


Night Moves: Sugar chapter 3

As soon as she heard her father slam the door behind him, Micheal got up and snuck out through the kitchen. Careful not to be seen by Joey and his friend, she took an indirect route to the factory across the street. She rang the bell at a loading dock and the door lifted by … Continue reading Night Moves: Sugar chapter 3


She stood barefoot on the faded linoleum and peered out the kitchen window. The factory across the street still lit against the brightening sky. The four-year-old knew that her parents would sleep a little longer before her father would come in, to brew the morning coffee. Michael's uncle had done a trick at her party … Continue reading Sugar