Big Apple Diplomat

I almost knock over my Champagne Mimosa, when I point excitedly at the contest featured on the front page of the Daily News. Bruce snatches the drink before it spills on his bed. He doesn't really approve of eating in bed, but the Romantic in him appreciates the Sunday brunch ritual we put together each … Continue reading Big Apple Diplomat


News That Stinks

It was a weird time when I moved to New York City in the seventies. It had lost popularity for a brief time after the hippy movement, so there was plenty of space for me. The city wasn't slow or lacking energy, but it was bankrupt and most of the infra-structure was failing. This was … Continue reading News That Stinks


She stood barefoot on the faded linoleum and peered out the kitchen window. The factory across the street still lit against the brightening sky. The four-year-old knew that her parents would sleep a little longer before her father would come in, to brew the morning coffee. Michael's uncle had done a trick at her party … Continue reading Sugar